Current Projects

Welcome to the Water System Expansion Project Information Page!

The Onalaska Water Supply has been planning water system improvements and we want to keep our membership informed of our progress. What drives these improvements is (1) an aged water production and distribution system (over 50 years old) and (2) an increased drinking water demand due to population increase of permanent residents.

Over the past couple of years, OWS has:

Mapped line leaks and pipe failures to prioritize line replacements throughout the distribution system. This has resulted in specific pipe replacement projects planned for this year and 2025. This replacement program will continue in future years as replacements are justified by the recorded leaks and failures records.

  • 2024 – Hickory Hollow line replacement
  • 2024 – Florence Drive line replacement

Throughout 2022 and 2023, OWS has defined the expansion requirements though engineering development. These plans include water production, storage, and pumping.

2024 – Final design documents for construction


Throughout 2023 and 2024, OWS pursued funding options for these needed facilities. We have been successful in getting both grants and loans.

  • 2023 – 75% OWS cost / 25% ARPA Grant for a water storage
  • 2024 - 70% USDA loan / 30% USDA Grant for water treatment capacity expansion

We are halfway through 2024 – so here is what will be happening the rest of this year:

The construction contract for the new elevated storage on  Highway  3186  has been executed. In the next few months, there will be some on-site work for foundations and piping. In the May through July period, there will be large steel structure and tank plate deliveries. These deliveries will be coordinated for traffic control entering the site. OWS will  provide notice to homeowners that may potentially be affected by traffic issues.

By summer’s end, the two projects for pipeline replacement in Old Town Onalaska will be underway. Updates and notices will be provided to the homeowners of effected areas.




Stay tuned to this Project Information Page for periodic updates! If you have any questions about our planned progress, please call our office at 936-646-5393.


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