System Updates


In 2016 the water company completed the installation of remotely-read water meters at every residential service location, and at most commercial locations. This project will save us many hours of labor each month compared to employees driving to each meter each month. The remotely-read system will also virtually eliminate mistakes that can occur when hand writing and then recording the meter readings into an office computer. Additionally, hour by hour water usage readings are available for each meter. Among other benefits, this data can alert us each month when a customer may have a water leak on their side of the meter.


In 2013 a new, larger pressure tank was installed at the Idlewilde water plant site. Other 2013 improvements included rebuilding a well at the original water tower plant site, and sandblasting and recoating of water and pressure tanks at the Ponderosa water plant site.

After more than 40 years in the office location on Highway 356 South, the board of directors voted in 2013 to build a new office building. Our old office was rented and we had no way to expand office space or parking. The old office had one office room and sometimes there would be 5 or 6 workers (along with customers) trying to conduct business or doing paperwork at the same time. Although it was a "homey" atmosphere, it was not conducive to getting work done in a timely and error-free manor.

Money was saved up over the years, and the new office did not require a loan to build. The new office building should serve us well for many, many years.

The new office will open on February 18, 2014 and is located on FM 3459 on the right, just before the Onalaska High School.


When any public water system in Texas reaches 85% of its capacity, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires that the water system implement a plan to improve system capacity. Onalaska Water & Gas Supply reached that 85% capacity in late 2005.

The water company hired a water supply engineering firm to asses the water system and create plans for expansion. The water company applied for and received approval for a $2,500,000 low interest loan from Rural Development to fund the expansion of your water system.

Construction of this new expansion was generally completed in 2011. The improvements included a new water tower near the Onalaska High School on FM 3459. Three new water wells were drilled at the new water tower site, and a new pump house was constructed.

Other improvements included many miles of new underground water pipe, a new well near the Ponderosa water plant site, and rebuilding of the aging Ponderosa water plant.