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                         February 1, 2023






On September 15, 2022, Onalaska Water & Gas Supply (“Onalaska” or the “Company”) filed with the Railroad Commission of Texas and on September 14, 2022 the Company filed with the City of Onalaska a Statement of Intent to Increase Rates (“Statement of Intent”) for the gas utility rates charged by the Company to customers within the City of Onalaska and surrounding unincorporated areas of Polk County. Onalaska also desires to increase its miscellaneous service charges and implement a surcharge to recover its reasonable and necessary rate case expenses. A table summarizing the current and proposed service charges is provided at the end of this notice. The proposed Residential and Commercial tariffs will replace the existing rate tariffs.  The proposed increase in rates will affect all Residential and Commercial customers within City of Onalaska and surrounding unincorporated areas of Polk County.  The proposed effective date of the requested rate changes is October 20, 2022 for customers in the unincorporated areas of Polk County and October 18, 2022 for customers within the City of Onalaska.


The City of Onalaska agreed that the rate making decision should be left up to the Texas Railroad Commission, and voted to disallow the rate approval on their level so that the final evaluation of the rate would be reviewed by the Texas Railroad Commission Staff Examiners.


The Original Rates presented to the public were designed by a 3rd party Rate Examiner which were stated in the original mail out. The 3rd Party rate examiner worked diligently with the Texas Railroad Commission. After much deliberation, the New Rate Structure was presented by the Texas  Railroad Commission, and agreed upon by the Board of Directors for Onalaska Water & Gas Supply Corporation to set for both Customer bases inside the City Limits, and Outside the City Limits.


The Approved rates are stated below. The table graph below uses an example of a typical Natural Gas Bill for our service area. The percent rate of increase does show higher on bills that have typically low or no usage as the base rate increase is the most significant. We appreciate your understanding as the cost of inflation has impacted every aspect of our cost of business.


These Rates Will Be in Effect:__March 1,2023_______________

The New Rates Will be in effect on Customer’s next bill.


The Company to implement the rates included in Table 1 below:


TABLE 1 - Proposed Rate Changes for Customers

Customer Class

Number of Customers Affected

Current Customer Charge

Proposed Customer Charge

Current Volumetric Charge
(per Mcf)

Proposed Volumetric Charge
(per Mcf)















TABLE 2 - Impact on Average Bill

Customer Class

(Average Monthly Usage Mcf)

Current Average Monthly Bill with Gas Cost

Proposed Average Monthly Bill with Gas Cost

Proposed Monthly Increase

Percentage Increase with Gas Cost

Residential - Incorporated

1.7049 Mcf





Residential – Unincorporated

1.62 Mcf











Commercial - Incorporated

13.16 Mcf





Commercial - Unincorporated

0.01 Mcf





The above calculations in Table 1 and Table 2 are based on an average cost of gas of $5.4134/Mcf.


The Company also increased Miscellaneous Service Charges included in Table 3 below.



TABLE 3 - Miscellaneous Service Charges 










Membership Fee
















Service Tap Fee – Short Side: for new services that require tapping procedures on existing main plus any materials, road bores, and special conditions








Service Tap Fee – Long Side: for new services that require tapping procedures on existing main plus any materials, road bores, and special conditions








Commercial Service Tap Fee – Short Side: for new services that require tapping procedures on existing main plus any materials, road bores, and special conditions








Commercial Service Tap Fee – Long Side: for new services that require tapping procedures on existing main plus any materials, road bores, and special conditions








Reconnect/Restore Fee: to be collected to re-instate gas service after being terminated for non-payment, temporary disconnect at customer request, disconnection for unsafe condition such as a gas leak, and light/re-light pilots








Collection Call Fee: used to avoid Collection Trip Fee if collection done by phone, electronically or post office








Collection Trip Fee: used when Company employee is sent customer for collection of payment for past due accounts




Return Check Fee: used for returned check due to insufficient funds








Residential Excess Flow Valve: for installation of bypass and excess flow valve








Relocate Meter Fee: change of meter location at customer request under normal conditions. Normal conditions are those normally found in extending or installing gas lines without encountering obstacles or difficult conditions such as but not limited to street, road, and railroad crossings, lines under concrete, rocky areas, ponds/lakes or chronically wet areas. Fee is per foot plus any accrued costs.








Meter Tampering Fee: for unauthorized reconnection or other tampering with Company metering facilities or theft of gas service on customer premises. Fee plus cost of repairs and/or replacement of damaged facilities and installation of protective facilities.








Repair Damaged Meter & Regulator Fee ($30 + parts): to repair damaged meter and regulator plus any parts caused by customer








Repair Damaged Meter & Regulator Fee in Excess ($60 + parts): to repair damaged meter and regulator in excess of top cover and/or index such as damages beyond tightening or resealing caused by customer








Set Meter Existing Tap Fee: for replacing and reinstalling meter and regulator on risers where the previous or current resident once asked for meter to be removed. Does not include membership or connection fees.








Commercial Excess Flow Valve/Curb Valve Fee: any new Commercial customer install will be charged at time of new meter request as well as any existing Commercial meter requesting an EFV or Curbvalve








Field Read of Meter Fee: for when it is necessary for the Company to read the meter at a currently serviced location because of change in billable party








Change Regulator Pressure Fee: to change the pressure of the regulator upstream of Customer’s meter due to an increase in pressure required by Customer. Additional regulators required to reduce pressure downstream for Customer’s specific requirements shall be charged actual cost.








After Hours Connection Charge: for connection calls outside of normal business hours including observed holidays and weekends.




Facility Damage Service Call ($45 + cost): for line strikes. Fee is per hour per employee dispatched during normal business hours plus cost of materials. For non-business hours fee is 1-1/2 times normal rate plus cost of materials.








Pressure Test per Customer: pressure test requested by Customer








Residential Service Line Extension ($ per foot): for service lines installed within customer property line (includes 1” poly line, tracer wire, labor and equipment). All risers and additional parts will be billed at cost to Customer. Company reserves the right to contract out any service line request to ensure install in a timely manner to be billed at cost with customer approval.








Labor Business Hours: for all service calls conducted during normal business hours. Normal business hours are 7:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Minimum one hour.








Labor Weekend & Holidays: for all service calls conducted outside Normal Business hours. One hour minimum.








Customer Requested Re-Read: for customer requested re-read at service address for possible discrepancies. If reading is found to be incorrect the charge will not be assessed.




Customers with specific questions or desiring additional information about this increase may contact the Gas Manager, Dayle Gilchriest at (936) 646-5393.  Complete copies of the filed Rate Increase, including all rates and schedule changes, are available for inspection at Onalaska offices, located at 1598 FM 3459, Onalaska, TX 77360 or on the Company’s website at https://www.onalaskawaterandgas.com/.