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Water Conservation

From Onalaska Water Supply - A Notice to our valued Members:

Throughout June, July, and August we have had no relief in drinking water
consumption. Due to the lack of any sufficient rainfall, our demands have been
continuously at historic highs, with this month having set some new records.

Part of the responsibility of the Water Supply Company is sufficient water and
pressure availability for fire suppression. With the current burn ban and over three
months without significant rain - fire risk is extremely high. Preservation of our
ability to put out fires is in the best interests of our entire

We ask for a reduction in YOUR water consumption. Onalaska Water Supply
requests full time residents to refrain from outdoor watering on this holiday
weekend as the population increases. Therefore, allowing weekend residents to

This reduction can be achieved by reducing lawn and plant watering, no car
washing, and no concrete walk or drive pressure washing.
Recommended Hours for lawn watering: Outside watering (with drinking water) is
okay on alternating days, but best between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
Anything you can do this holiday weekend to reduce your consumption is

We continue to watch this closely and will provide updates in the future.
Please help us by reporting any leaks to our main office - 936-646-5393.
Please help us conserve our valuable resources and limit your water use. Thank